Buddy beats the queue by ordering ahead for less

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New ‘order ahead’ feature will save waiting for your favourite bites to eat, so you can get straight back to the beach!

Okay, so you are down the beach and loving life, but you decide you are getting a little hungry. Imagine having the ability to pull out your device and search epic places around you to pre-order your favourite burger, healthy salad or fish and chips!

Buddy has started to implement new updates and collaborations to create the opportunity for hungry users to ‘Get a life’ by saving waiting times on food orders so you can get straight back to what you were doing, living life.


You will have the ability to order your cravings right away and pay in the buddy app. Buddy will then notify you when it has been processed and ready for pickup! Simple!

With these epic new features soon to be rolled out, just proves that the company is always striving to deliver and build the best platform for users when it comes to food and drinks!

Buddy already offers ‘first to market’ technology which is being swallowed up by restaurants. Such as the introduction of the ‘Beacon’ which broadcasts special promotions to buddy users when in and around the vicinity of the restaurant. Buddy also has created the ability for restaurants to create their own community of followers for their business profile. Users can follow favourite places to receive exclusive announcements of specials, happy hours and up and coming events before you even see it in a social media scroll.


The culture of today is fast, very fast. We as hungry foodies don’t want to wait up to half an hour for food, especially if you are down the beach or you are on your lunch break and only have an hour to spare.

Buddy aims to revolutionise mobile ordering, but most importantly the connectivity between the customer and the restaurant with live announcements. Why stand in a line and wait to be served, then stand in another line to wait again for your coffee or takeaway order.

When you can beat all that with buddy.

With partnerships being negotiated with major sports arenas, buddy does not stop with just the hospitality industry. The company aims to change the ‘live sports experience’ to new levels with the updates soon to be rolled out.

Imagine watching your beloved sports team live at the MCG, but your stomach is going crazy and the queues at the food stands are outrageous. What if you could order your food and beer and then simply get notified that your order is ready for pickup! Making the process from pick up to seat in less than 2 minutes flat, so you can get straight back to the match.

Now that’s a feature we will all be looking forward to.


Download buddy today to checkout daily specials, happy hours and follow your new favourites today.

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