Local Favourite Larder & Baked Joins Buddy

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Larder & Baked Noosa Heads is yet another epic eatery joining the buddy platform.

Yes! Thats right! Larder & Baked have now joined buddy to showcase everything they do and also offer special deals to their buddy Followers!

Larder & Baked have been open for no more than 6 months and have quickly become a local favourite! This doesn’t surprise us, as they know exactly what they are doing and what the community needs. Carly and Dan Baum have been learning their trade locally for many years and it really shows.

Carly & Dan Baum | Owners of Larder & Baked

Hospitality Industry

It all began for Carly at a very young age when she became hungry for work. At just 12 years old she decided to take it upon herself to go job hunting, but this was no ordinary job hunt. As Carly, if you have met her, being a very strong, bubbly and humorous character decided to create a ‘little white lie’ and told potential employers she was 14 “Back then, after all it was an extra 45c an hour!” Carly said. It’s clear the foundation was being laid very early for a very hard working, driven and successful individual.

Now in their 30’s and with two kids, they hold their heads high as two successful entrepreneurs with a stream of businesses in the hospitality sector. Carly, with all her passion and knowledge of the industry, also runs a successful wedding Business. This involves planning, styling and of course the catering in which Dan looks after using the Larder & Baked kitchen facilities after hours.

Larder & Baked

The birth of Larder & Baked was on Valentines Day, but unfortunately it wasn’t a romantic one for Carly and Dan as they were thrown in the deep end with endless curious customers. Having only spoken to a few passers by during the reno’s of Larder & Baked, they found themselves overflowing with people right off the bat. Carly and Dan weren’t expecting such an amazing response so instantly.

Larder & Baked are exactly what the community needed. A fast, fresh and easy takeaway option that serves great coffee till late in the day. (Satisfying those 3pm cravings). It wasn’t long until they were dragging in tables and chairs as it became on high demand for people to enjoy their lunch breaks from all around the area.

Halloumi & Egg Roll | Larder & Baked

They have a wonderful selection of Fresh hearty salads at affordable prices. Epic Egg Rolls with different choices of fillings to satisfy all taste buds and a selection of mouthwatering baked goods prepared daily. Larder & Baked are now the go-to spot for breakfast, lunch or even that mid afternoon ‘smoko’ break for a coffee and sugar hit to top you up and get you through the end of the day! It truly is exactly what the community needed and that is down to Carly and Dan’s expertise. “We really wanted to solve the issue of grabbing a healthy bite to eat at any time of the day” Carly said, “Tradies really care about what they put in their bodies, these boys can only grab fast unhealthy things around town, especially after 1pm”. “so we knew what was missing, not only for tradies but for literally everyone in and around the Noosa Junction”.

Having proven their idea a huge success, Larder & Baked are now a huge part of the ‘JUNGA’ community, and they are here to stay.

Now a proud member of the buddy community, Larder & Baked can showcase everything they do best, to their very own community of loyal followers on their buddy Profile. By following Larder & Baked you gain access to exclusive information regarding daily specials, invites to private functions, menu launches, special deals & much more via exclusive in-app notifications.

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