Bombetta is the ‘Bomb’ for Epic Food & Secret Social Deals

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We popped into Bombetta to over indulge, eat epic prawns, smash sensational house made pizza and dribble in choco drooling deliciousness.

Yep! We did and it was awesome! Owner Pascal “Paz” Turschwell welcomed us with a huge smile, invited us over to the table and couldn’t wait to tell us about his beloved Bombetta and what it stands for. Loud and proud he was showing us his epic bar & restaurant whilst talking with passion about his food, wine selections and the industry.


The decor is perfect for the cosmopolitan vibe the ‘New Noosa Junction’ is becoming. With a huge featured matte black wine rack, polished concrete floors, copper splash back in the bar, industrial but chic service area compact with a ‘Naughty corner’ for the naughty customers! Bombetta is by far one of the best looking bars on the Sunshine Coast!

The Food

The Food! Well where do we begin… We recommend starting small and finishing BIG, with the ‘Split Grilled Prawns’ to start the vibe off right. These bad boys are so tasty they leave you wanting more. Dripping in lemon and seasoned w/ chilli and oregano, these big prawn gangsters will vibe up your pallet and set the bar high for the next brawl.

The Split Prawns

The Bombetta’s‘, Okay so seriously no BS these little balls of fireworks did not last long at all. So let me explain, to start off they are Veal and Pork marinated for hours in thyme and rosemary. Then they move onto the next stage, ‘the wrapping of the Bombetta’s’. Wrapped with Prosciutto and filled with provolone and taleggio! These rude boys then get garnished up with shaved lemon zest and parmesan cheese. (I know , I know its ridiculously ridiculous!)

The Bombetta’s

At this point in our lives we decided enough is enough and popped open (not the champagne) but our top buttons to open our appetite up for more. Next comes out the outrageously delicious “Italian Stallion”. This pukka pizza was mouthwateringly fresh, light but packed a tasty punch like Balboa. This golden round medallion is loaded with goodies, starting with sharp Mascarpone Cheese, Parmigano Reggiano with confit garlic! Topped with soft artichoke and our fan favourite ‘fresh sliced prosciutto, lemon oil, wild rocket and in house dried chilli flakes! This Pizza is another level completely. (Secret socials – Similar Pizza’s are going for just $6!)

The Italian Stallion Pizza

The story of Bombetta from the Beginning.

It all started for Paz in the mid 1970’s when he was fast asleep in his pushchair in the backyard of his family’s restaurant at no more than 2 years old. “For as long as I can remember the family has always had its own restaurant. The first one was actually the first ‘outdoor’ dining restaurant in Queensland” he said, which was located where Miss Moneypenny’s is located today.

His family then after running the first European infused restaurant in Noosa for nearly a decade, decided to re-locate and open up a new place called Gaston’s in Sunshine Beach, same location as to where Sum Yung Guy’s is today.

Paz comes from a French heritage, when he was only a young boy his family nicknamed him ‘Gaston’. Keeping it in the family they then decided to call the family restaurant Gaston’s after their young Son, Paz.

For years Paz was working day and night for his family business before reaching a point in his late teens, where he then decided to pack his bags and move to Melbourne in the 90’s to join the food culture scene growing in Melbourne. After a number of years he had grew into an industry dynamo. Growing and building amazing restaurants such as EZARD, now a multi award winning restaurant globally recognised.

After five years of working and learning, Paz decided to re-locate back to Noosa and bring his abundance of experience and knowledge to his small beach town home.


After settling back in Noosa, Paz and his wife Kristie Turschwell decided to run and manage a restaurant called Ricky’s. Paz had managed it for a number of years before going into joint partnership and owning it.

After four years the family then decided to have a family business of their own. With a young daughter only 3 years old they needed and wanted something to call completely their own. Keeping the family traditions close to his heart, Paz and Kristie decided to open up ‘Gaston’ on Hastings Street, Noosa Heads in 2005.

During the infant stage of the business they hit a rough period thanks to the Global Financial Crisis. But with their determination and hard work as always, the Turchwell’s pushed on and got through it, to then establish a local and tourists favourite for many years to come.


The Turchwell Family tradition still runs deep in Noosa, owning yet again another established restaurant in one of the most popular up and coming locations in the Noosa Shire, Noosa Junction -‘Bombetta‘.

Since selling up Gaston Paz & Co have not looked back, with only a move forward attitude and the same drive, its no wonder after generation to generation this awesome family goes from strength to strength. With Paz and Kristie’s daughters now 11 and 12, it’s not long until the girls will be following in their fathers footsteps and serving locals before they know it! (If Dad has his way)

The future generation | Zara & Anais with daddy (Paz)

It’s an honour to have Bombetta a part of our buddy Community.

You can pop into Bombetta everyday (Except Sundays) and we can guarantee you will not be disappointed. They have a fantastic afternoon scret social’s special Mon-Saturday between 3-6pm with bar snack menu items and beers starting from as little as $5! Not only that but they have an amazing takeaway Pizza/Pasta deal, Tuesday night social’s, a weekly magician and much more!

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