Restaurant Businesses going bonkers for Buddy Beacons

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Since Launching last month, Restaurant businesses are going nuts about our Beacons!

One of many reasons why restaurant businesses are joining buddy is to use the very latest tech to showcase their epic eateries. Our Low Powered bluetooth Beacons are sending out automated in-app notifications to all buddy users who walk by the front door!

Business owners can create and send whatever promotional notifications they wish, which will then broadcast all day every day to every buddy user’s device as they walk right by. Some businesses are being extra clever with their Beacon, one of which has decided to locate it “inside” the establishment so the Beacon will send out automated push notifications to their diners. What the Beacon can do is super futuristic, it can measure how long the average user will spend in the restaurant. They can then send out a push asking them if they wish to see the dessert menu, or maybe see if they want another beverage. Bringing up links to menu’s and much more.

Buddy Beacon™

We welcome 97 of our restaurant partners who have already jumped on the Beacon Tech, some of which include, Eddie Cheeba’s, Cafe Le Monde, El Capitano, Coconut Head, Downtown Burger franchise, Global Cafe & Bar, Nando’s Australia and many more jumping on around Australia! Congratulations on joining the buddy community.


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