Buddy goes DownTown for some seriously epic burgers.

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DownTown Burgers are now in Ocean Street Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast! We popped in to say hi to one of our partners!

Once we heard Downtown Burgers had opened up another burger joint we knew we had to go! From humble beginnings in Nambour, restaurateur Cameron Scott & Co have now opened their THIRD burger haven on Ocean Street, Maroochydore.

The “Downtown Burger” (Soooooo gooooood)

Everything these legends do is original. From gathering friends together to create an epic team, supporting the local community with job creation, inventing delicious burgers from scratch to even baking their own buns! This crew does nothing by half measure.

We wanted to pick Cameron Scott’s brain and ask him how and why he decided to get into the industry in the first place. He tells us his humble story when our Founder Danny Simmonds popped in for a chat.

Restaurateur Cameron Scott of Downtown Burgers Franchise with Founder & CEO of Buddy, Inc. Danny Simmonds

Cameron is a local lad from Nambour who packed his bags and headed to Melbourne from a young age to learn his trade. Having worked for multiple restaurant groups and franchises, Cameron decided after over four years, to head back home and start his own dream. Cameron during his spell in Melbourne worked with some of the largest food franchise company’s in Australia including Boost Juice. Adding many strings to his bow he headed back to his home town to put his lessons to practice, with his very own burger restaurant, now Downtown Burgers.

“Why did you decide to come home and start your own business?” we asked, “well I come from a poor but humble family beginning, so I believe that bringing what I had learnt back with me I could try and support my family and hire a bunch of my close friends to try and support my local community” he said. “Starting a business in your home town is always a good start, as family and friends support always helps”.

As Downtown Burgers became extremely busy Cameron quickly realised that he can do even more for his community, creating more job security for locals and friends. So he decided to round up more mates to get the paint brushes back out and start another one! “All I really want is to provide a good living for my friends and family, create delicious food for everyone to enjoy and have a lot of fun along the way” Cameron said.

Downtown Burgers now has over thirty members of staff and keeps the hunger at bay to thousands of locals every week. Especially when they provide an epic $13 lunch deal (Burger, chips and a drink).

We loved Downtown Burgers so much and everything they do! From the fit out, the friendly staff, the vibe, and not to mention the mouth watering burgers… its no wonder its a locals favourite in more than one town.

The Triple BBQ Burger (American cheeseburger, slow cooked pulled pork, maple bacon and a fried egg w/ homemade aioli and bbq sauce)

Next time you decide to head out for a burger, head Downtown and support local business in the tastiest way possible. They even go one extra step and provide a Free chips deal when you spend at any other shop on Ocean Street! Legends.

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