Buddy App progresses into Beta testing phase

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The hugely anticipated new eatery finder app moves into Beta testing.

Today marks a milestone achievement for founder Danny Simmonds and his team, as his revolutionary marketing software platform buddy hits the last 200m sprint.

As the excitement draws greater for restaurateurs Australia wide, the buddy app development moves into its final production stage, Beta testing.

“Getting to this stage in App Development is a lifetime achievement, as many startup founders do not even reach past the seed round” – said founder and CEO Danny Simmonds. Danny has not exactly done it as most other startup founders would, he has still very much maintained a full time job as well as building his Company/startup from working behind a bar. Now with huge nationwide demand from industry leaders and the potential to shift an entire industry on how they market their business, Danny is ‘appreciative’ of how far it has all come.

“to have a validated idea, funding and backing from the industry you seek to get customers, it is a startups dream come true for everyone here involved”. – Said Danny as he recognises a once in a lifetime milestone, being not only a founder but building an app that will shape the way of the future for restaurant search. He [Danny] very much is still keeping his feet firmly on the ground.

“we haven’t even started to achieve what we have set out to do, We know we have many years ahead of old fashioned hard work, 18 hours days and sleepless nights”, “but I honestly cannot wait to begin, we just need to be patient and provide an outstanding service to our community” – Said Danny.

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