Struggle with getting Hangry? Not for much longer.


Its coming for food.

We all have those moments where you are that focused on getting your hands on food, you will stop at nothing to get there even if it means a roundhouse kick to the boyfriends head to get that sandwich!

Well, the answer to that problem is due to launch this Spring, ‘buddy’ is bringing out your very own personal ‘AI’ software to assist you with your eating rituals ands social nights out!

Imagine having someone/something making sure you are always well watered and fed?

Imagine walking down the road at 12.15pm when your tummy is ready to devour a goat, and buddy notifies you of a fried chicken shop round the corner offering 15 wings for $10 at that perfect time and moment. What about entering a town you are not familiar with, but buddy knows you like Mexican food so buddy scopes the town for you and advises you which one will suit you, and books you a table just like that.

Buddy will be your no.1 go to tool for anything food, social gatherings and events.

We can announce your very own pocket buddy will be launching this spring to an app store near you! Absolutely free.